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Super Yacht Experts for the Fiji Islands - Meet the Team |
Super Yacht Experts for the Fiji Islands - Meet the Team |

Diflucan For Sale, Abilify Offer

Captain Carol Dunlop – Itineraries, Piloting and Consultant

Carol has been cruising Fiji waters for 34 years as Captain on various commercial vessels from cruise ships, sailing yachts, exploration vessels and live aboard dive vessels. For the past 8 years she has been Master of the 35m super yacht MV Surprise which is based in Fiji. On Surprise she has cruised extensively not only in Fiji, but also from Tahiti to New Caledonia. An acknowledged expert on Fiji waters, her well researched tracks, diving and fishing sites and anchorages are now available as a service to super yachts cruising in those waters.

Josephine Morris – Admin & Operations

Jo is Fiji-born with over 20 years of operational and administration experience. A career that began in Administration with Colin & Carol Dunlop’s ship building business in Suva to the management of MV Surprise office in Denarau. Now, aside from being a yachting agent, Jo is Administration & Accounts Manager to an Australian owned mining company based in Denarau. Jo has an acute knowledge of the local system to ensure utmost service efficiency. She is our local agent charged with the management of accounts, administration and overall ground support.

Nigel Douglas – Fijian Cultural & Dive Consultant

Nigel is a fifth generation Fijian and has extensive knowledge of the islands; dive sites; local customs. We call on Nigel exclusively to assist our boats as a local guide and diver in the more remote areas. He is beyond a doubt a treasure for owners and Captains. Both fluent in Fijian and with a huge knowledge of Fijian Culture, he makes a remote cruise a very special event.

Nigel and his wife Carol currently own and operate the lovely Sau Bay Retreat; a small boutique resort on the Vanua Levu coast just opposite the island of Taveuni . They provide invaluable assistance to our clients who travel through that region.

Captain Peter Mitchell

Peter has over forty years experience in the yachting industry, skippering motor, sail and sport fishing boats in many of the world’s premier destinations with particular expertise in remote area cruising and exploration. He began his career cruising and working the Queensland coast and Great Barrier Reef and now shares his love and specialist knowledge of the region as one of Yacht Partners Fiji representatives. He currently holds an Australian commercial Master’s ticket for any vessel to 80m in length and continues to provide expertise in project management, deliveries and relief work in all types and size of vessels.