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Super Yacht Experts for the Fiji Islands - Vanua Levu and Lomaiviti |
Super Yacht Experts for the Fiji Islands - Vanua Levu and Lomaiviti |

Buy Betnovate N Cream - Online Viagra Apotheke

The Dive Area of Fiji

This is the dive area of Fiji. There are numerous world class dives in the Vatuira channel, and at the fabulous islands of Namena, Makogai, Wakaya, and Gau.

It’s essential to carry a dive guide for this area and this is “experienced divers only” for some of the sites. However with a knowledgeable dive instructor we have found that even novice divers can experience the amazing dive sites without any problems.

For serious divers this is the ultimate area for world class diving. Local knowledge is essential for many of the dives; you just will not see anything unless you know the right state of the tide to dive and where to find those Blue Ribbon eels, mantas, hammer heads, Bronze whalers!

A brief diversion to Ovalau and the old capital Levuka is worth it for some. It’s like being in a time warp with many buildings just as they were 100 years ago. The Royal Hotel is something out of Somerset Maugham and a visit to the local drinking club, the Ovalau Club, has to be part of life’s, rich experiences! Last time we visited there was a list of locals who owed money for bar bills to the club posted on the door. Quite a few members were in arrears around the $27,000 mark and were still propping up the bar!!

The leading lights, the lower one on the main church spire, are the best in Fiji and are rarely out! Wow! I almost can say that these will work 100%. But nothing is certain, that’s the Pacific Way!